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According to Science – Science in Islam

by | Dec 6, 2020

According to Science

Science: The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

In English please!

It means studying live beings and inert matter through observation and experimentation. 

A little simpler please…

It is finding the link between the cause and effect between phenomenon.


It’s the what and the how things work!!!

Got it!

Anyways, it is all about seeking knowledge through research and interpretation. This is something essential to us humans and is pretty much exclusive to us (as far as we know and Allah knows best). If we would not act in such a way, we would still be tilling the land with pickaxes, living in huts and chewing on cow hide to make rope.

Science is ever-changing, new information, experiments, views and interpretation make a lot of things plausible; but few things for sure. That is actually the beauty of science, it is not exact; yet it strives for exactitude.

For instance, the atomic theory (I underline the word theory). Even though we have a pretty good idea how the atom works, it is still called a theory. Within a few hundred years, the atomic model underwent changes that were based on experiment and calculations, not philosophy and statistical evidence.

Where I am going with this is how did a theory become law; when did the theory of evolution turn into Evolution. It became an immutable law in biology; the most unpredictable field of science as we speak, so imagine when you try to apply it over millions of years. It is all a question of interpretation, where empirical data and chronology don’t cut it. 

In general, science does well on the what and the how, but not so well on the why, which is totally normal, finding the source, the essence of a phenomenon is practically impossible without insinuation or belief. One must remember that science covers the tangible aspects of life. Therefore, a lot of present-day scientists have a hard time to understand the non-material assertions of religion.

I understand an atheist being a proponent of “Evolution” (even with all its holes and faults) since he wants to “prove the inexistence” of the Creator; but when it comes to Muslims who believe in the theory of “Evolution”, I mean Come on!

Putting assumption in front of revelation is not the way to go. A Muslim’s mindset should be to accept the word of Allah for what it is: the Truth. This doesn’t mean not to search for comprehension behind His wisdom, just that it is counterproductive to inverse this mindset. It is like putting the chariot in front of the horses.

For argument’s sake, even if “Evolution” was a logical theory (which it is not) and you couldn’t find a satisfactory explanation to the word of Allah (which is our flaw as a human), you should not believe in the former rather than the latter: this is putting one’s ego before the wisdom of Allah and going against His word. And that is way worse than putting a chariot in front of the horses. Just as a side note, if someone wants to understand more about the follies and shortcomings of “Evolution” and the mindset that a believer should adopt, I suggest listening to Dr. Eyad Qunaibi on the subject. He explains in great detail, through scientific research, the Quran, and Hadith how theories like “Evolution” don’t make sense. Check out his playlist of Rehlat Al-Yaqueen (The Journey of Certainty). It is in Arabic but you could find it subtitled in English.

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