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Final Exam – Day of Judgement

by | Jan 10, 2021

For many, we are pretty much into the season of receiving our final exam results. It is a nerve-racking time of year, you’re supposed to be on vacation, but you can’t help but think about your result: “Did I cite the author right?” “Did I balance the equation correctly?” and the dreaded “Did I forget to write my name again?!?” I too was once a student, and I too dreaded exams; never to the point of having an upset stomach or getting sick over it, but it was always in the back of my mind. Let’s face it, no one likes to be evaluated, given a score to one’s worth, or judged on one’s competence. 

Now, this is all because of a few exams that might influence some part of your life. I’m not trying to trivialize this occurrence, I’m just trying to relativize it with the following: the Day of Judgement. The day that really counts. The day that you get your final report card; one that is not filled with A’s and B’s and E’s. It is a pass or fail result : Heaven… or… Hell!

It is a day full of regret: the bad would have wished to be good, and the good would have wished to be better. It is a day full of blame: each person will try to unload his burden of deeds on anyone else. It is a day full of despair: knowing that there is no way of getting out of one’s predicament.

However, it is also a day full of joy: finally living in eternal bliss. It is a day full of satisfaction: pondering on what one has been through and acknowledging that the reward far outweighs any adversity endured. 

But most of all, it is a day of ultimate justice: when all will reap what one has sown, and no one will be treated unfairly by any sense of the meaning.So when you compare both situations, one is way more dramatic than the other; even if you tell me that you are tens of thousands of dollars in debt, even if you’ve passed a week of sleepless nights: NOTHING is comparable to the hereafter.

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