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Good Logistics do not guarantee Victory, but Bad Logistics will guarantee Defeat

by | Nov 15, 2020

This saying goes for war, but it pretty much sums up through which lens one should see things. Too many people misplace their trust in Allah. What I mean by that is that they ask Allah for what they want without working for it. For instance, what would you say about a farmer that does not seed his land, does not water it, and expects a record harvest other than weeds… You would say that he just came out of a mental institution. Unfortunately, these are the same circumstances that plague many faiths. People ask God for something without laying the groundwork. In Arabic, this groundwork is called Asbab (reason/cause).

Now, let’s see what should be the mindset. You are sick, you go see the doctor, he prescribes you the medicine, you take it. Now, the medicine in itself is not the cure, it is the treatment. So you fully know that this medication is useless without Allah’s will as the cure, but you know that the medication is a Sabab to your recovery.

We find a lot of these Asbab in the Quran. For example, when Moses (ﷺ) hits the sea (or large body of water) with his staff and it splits in half. Or when Mary shakes the date palm and fresh dates fall to her feet. In these situations, Allah could have made these things happen by sheer word: “Be, and it is.” However, Allah wants us to live by Asbab and Dua (imploration), together. So the way to go is by using due diligence, but fully putting one’s confidence in Allah for the outcome, regardless of the outcome.

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