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Great People come from Great Moments

by | Feb 21, 2021

We’ve all had these great coincidental moments where you say: “what are the odds of that happening.” Like meeting a long time school friend on a plane or, finding a candy ring in a Crackerjack box on the day you finally propose to your significant other, etcetera, etcetera. These moments might pass as interesting and even intriguing, but they lack in significance and greatness.

But when it comes to great people who have positively impacted history, coincidences suddenly become determining moments of their lives or their becoming.

For instance the story of the parents of Salah Ad-Din (Saladin) ibn Ayyub.

Saladin’s father, Najm Ad-Din Ayyub, the Emir of Tikrit (modern-day Iraq), only got married at around 30. This is something unusual, especially for the time and his rank.

Concerned, his brother Shirkuh asked him: O brother! Why do not you get married?

Najm Ad-Din replied: I did not find a suitable wife!

Shirkuh said: Let me ask for a woman’s hand in marriage on your behalf.

Najm Ad-Din asked: Who is she?

Shirkuh said: She is either the daughter of the Seljuk Sultan or the daughter of Wazir Al-Mulk (Grand Vizier).

Najm Ad-Din said: They are not suitable for me.

Shirkuh asked: And who is suitable for you?

Najm Ad-Din replied: A righteous woman who would help me enter Heaven; one who will bear a child who she would educate properly until he becomes a great knight who will restore Jerusalem to the Muslims!

After a while, Najm Ad-Din was speaking to an Imam in the mosque when a young lady came in and called upon the Imam. The Imam asked for Najm Ad-Din’s leave to attend to her and Najm Ad-Din heard the following dialogue between the Imam and the young lady:

The Imam asked: Why did you not accept the man I sent to your house to propose to you?

The young lady replied: He is a man of excellent qualities and rank; however, he is not what I am looking for!

The Imam asked: What are you looking for then?

She replied: I only want a righteous man who would help me enter Heaven; to bear a child of his who I would educate properly until he becomes a great knight who will restore Jerusalem to the Muslims!

After hearing this conversation, Najm Ad-Din spoke to the Imam and proposed to her in marriage.

The Imam remarked: She is only a common poor young woman!

Najm Ad-Din said: That is the woman I am looking for!

They both refused rank, wealth, and beauty to seek something greater, The Satisfaction of Allah. And we all know that that same child ended up liberating Jerusalem, one of the three holy cities for Muslims, from the grasps of the crusaders. You see, when people search for their soulmate, significant other, marriage partner… in order to please Allah, Allah often blesses their descendance.

There are many stories like this: Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham; the marriage of the parents of Abd Allah ibn Al-Mubarak; the marriage of the grandparents of Umar ibn Abdulaziz; the marriage of the parents of Abu Hanifa ibn An-No’man; the list goes on.

All this to say, that events that might seem coincidental at the time, end up being meaningful in hindsight. Why? Because events are not coincidental, they happen by the will of Allah. They are not some random sequence of events, but a series of orchestrated occurrences that lead to a defined finality.

So when something happens, either perceived good or bad, coincidental in nature; we should remind ourselves that:

Say, “Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us; He is our protector.” And upon Allah let the believers rely.

Surah At-Tawbah (9 – 51)

Now, Jerusalem is occupied by Zionists, protected by modern-day Crusaders who allied themselves with hypocritic Arab heads of state. Jerusalem has always been a sacred place and will always be, regardless of who protects it from among the Muslims or desecrates it from among the nonbelievers. Jerusalem was the first Qibla (direction of prayer) for Muslims, the place that Allah has decreed the ascension (Mi’raj) of his last Prophet to Heaven and made it the land of resurrection and gathering (Ard Al-Mahshar). It is not a regular piece of land and is only comparable to Mecca and Medina. Jerusalem is not a Palestinian question, an Arab cause, or a land issue; it is an integral part of Islam, and diminishing its significance is an insult to Allah. It is therefore the duty of every Muslim parent to teach his children of the importance of Jerusalem in Islam and to implore that our descendance is worthy of our heroes; past, present, and future.

Omar ibn Al-Khattab conquered it.

Salah Ad-Din liberated it.

Now, who is up to it?

Our generation In Sha Allah.

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