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Happy Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak!

by | May 12, 2021

Eid Al-Fitr is a day to rejoice We have just been through a month of obedience, self-discipline, and adoration. Like we’ve said in past weeks, Ramadan is the month of change, and change takes work. That is what one has been doing for the past month. Now, Allah has promised forgiveness and reward for those who accomplished their fast righteously. Plus, He has given us a day of celebration to feast and enjoy with family and friends.

But there is one aspect of this day that is a constant reminder of what the essence of Islam: Zakat Al-Fitr. This Zakat (alms/charity) is a reminder that not all have the same means, it is a reminder to share with your brothers and sisters in faith and in humanity, it is a reminder to always thank Allah, and it is especially a reminder of the justice of Allah.

With all the injustice caused by us humans, this is one day that Muslims can momentarily right that wrong, so all can partake in this day of celebration. The fortunate can share by giving food to the less fortunate so everyone has something to feast on and enjoy.

So yes, enjoy yourselves. Yes, have fun. But don’t forget to thank Allah and share his gifts.

…Indeed, Allah only accepts from the righteous.

Surah Al-Ma’idah (5 – 27)

Eid Mubarak!

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