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Probability, you won’t Get the Best of Me! – Scientific Proofs in the Quran

by | Jun 12, 2022

If anyone is a betting man, he knows that most of the time he will lose; it is a question of numbers. Winning every time is improbable and practically impossible. When flipping a coin, you have one chance out of two of getting it right. 50%, not bad; but repeat it four times straight; not too confident, are you?

Let’s transpose that example to the prophet Muhammad; he got every single verifiable (with our limited knowledge to date) phenomenon right. Not only he got them right, but most of them are also explained; not just enunciated or left for interpretation. Let’s say there are about 20 scientific/natural phenomenon (Actually, more have been mentioned and others left out since a multitude of authors have done a better job than me explaining them. Plus, 20 seems like a pretty round number, and we don’t want to sound boastful either) that were elucidated 1400 years ago, by an illiterate Arab that had no aspirations to science whatsoever… When you do the math: ½ at the power 20 is ½ x ½ x½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½ x ½. That gives you the possibility of 1/1 048 576 of getting it right. That is less than one in a million probability; becoming less and less a betting man…Keep in mind, considering that the questioning is in a yes or no format; true or false to a given question (without formulating the solution and adding all the explanation that comes with it in the Quran and Hadith).

The thing is, it is not because the prophet Muhammad was an expert in astronomy, geology, chemistry, nuclear physics, biology, botany, entomology, oceanology, or even historical science that he got it right all the time. It is because the only thing he got right out of all of this is that he wholeheartedly believed in Allah. All these, verses, signs, scientific phenomenon were not explained or tackled by the prophet Muhammad; they were brought forth by Allah, the All-Knowing.

And with Him are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except Him. And He knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that He knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.

Surah Al-Anam (6 – 59)

Science is Contradictory; not Allah – Scientific Proofs in the Quran

Science is Contradictory; not Allah – Scientific Proofs in the Quran

As we have mentioned previously, if you want to prove something wrong, all you need to find is a contradiction. This is applied so rigorously when it comes to faith and Allah (and rightfully so); however, this criterion takes a backseat when it comes to “man-made knowledge”. When it comes to the Quran (The word of Allah), it is scrutinized under the strongest magnifying glass; nothing goes unchecked. You can find so many of these so-called “kinks” on the net, especially on the scientific side. However, when you historically revisit these kinks, these kinks kind of disappear as we get to know more and more about the universe we live in.

For instance, iron has been mined for ages; it has 1001 uses (even more). In the past, people have discredited this passage in the Quran:

We have already sent Our messengers with clear evidences and sent down with them the Scripture and the balance that the people may maintain [their affairs] in justice. And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people, and so that Allah may make evident those who support Him and His messengers unseen. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

Surah Al-Hadid (57 – 25)

If iron was brought down, how come we find it in the Earth’s crust; either it is part of our crust or it comes from within (i.e. the mantle or the core). By consequence, there is no way that it was brought down to Earth just as the Quran suggests.

On the contrary, recent scientific theories and models advance that a giant iron-rich meteorite (actually meteorites) collided with the Earth and formed its moon and its core. Contrary to this, even more, recent experiments show the possibility of the formation of Earth’s core from within by percolation; these crystals complexed together to form Erath’s core. Two plausible, yet contradictory explanations. However, both are accepted as plausible models to explain Earth’s inner core, and they are taught in university curriculum.

The fact is that science is ever-changing, new information, experiments, views, and interpretation make a lot of things plausible; but few things for sure. That is actually the beauty of science, it is not exact, yet it strives for exactitude. In this manner, we seek to understand our surroundings. Yet, I find it intriguing when scientists try to play revisionist history.

On the other hand, the words of Allah are exact. The only problem is the human being who desperately tries to find an underlying meaning or a between the lines explanation. That is also why Allah has revealed this Ayat:

It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.

Surah Ala Imran (3 – 7)

Seeking interpretation at all cost, paranoiac linking, and esoteric explanations… As the saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Now, as to what “We sent down iron” actually means… Let’s leave it as a matter of interpretation.


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