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The End justifies the Means

by | Nov 1, 2020

In practically all spheres of life, we are judged by our results. A sports coach must have a winning record, or at least titles to back his worth. A sales rep has a quota to fill every week. Only straight-A students get scholarships based on academic achievements. all this is normal and sounds even fair; even those getting the short end of the stick aren’t crying foul or filing class-action lawsuits. The thing is, results aren’t everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we do away with results altogether by getting rid of exams and handing out participation ribbons to all. All I am saying is that the effort and the intention are worth more than the result.

But who can really judge someone’s intention or measure the effort put in? The answer is no one, except Allah! That is why the end does not justify the means for Allah because the end outcome solely depends on Him. Allah only (huge understatement) judges the intention and the effort.

For instance, let’s take the example of the Prophet Noah. Result-wise, practically nothing went his way. His wife and son died nonbelievers. The world was submerged in water, destroying his people. If you were to make a progress chart of those who believed in his time, it was practically a flat-liner graph with a blip of faith every few decades. Does that make him a failure? Absolutely not! The result might not be there to our eyes, but we are not the evaluator. He was chosen by Allah to deliver a message and fulfilled this duty to the fullest. He passed 950 years of his waken life, day after day after day… calling his people to Islam. If you don’t call that perseverance, I don’t know what is!?! I mean, when I tell my kids something twice, I get frustrated the third time… 950 years… wow!!! Not only his intention and effort were irreproachable, but Allah has also bestowed upon him a favorable result (Tawfik). after drowning all nonbelievers, Noah inherited a world absent of idolatry and association (Shirk), a world of belief, Islam.

So, if you don’t do well in an interview, and someone else gets the job, don’t be sour or mad that the other candidate expressed more confidence in five minutes than your 20 years of competence. Don’t feel down when your week of sleepless nights only gets you a 72% on your final exam (personally, I would be pleased, but I digress). just keep plowing through and forging ahead, because Allah recompenses effort and intention, in this life and hereafter.

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